Just Brew It - Brewing Class

Beer is a wonderful art that everyone should be able to appreciate. There's so many different styles, flavors, and techniques. Technique is something that can be interpreted differently by each brewer. We want to teach you our technique in our "Just Brew It" brewing class, offered for $299.

In our "Just Brew It" brewing class, you will get the opportunity to create one of our beers with our brewer, Marco Herrera. You can pick any of our 20-ish recipes, or you can suggest a new recipe that you've always wanted to create!

You'll spend about 5-6 hours with Marco weighing out the ingredients, boiling, mashing, and you'll end with transferring that beer into a fermenter. You are then welcome to come back 3 weeks later to help with the kegging process, but that is totally up to you. Lastly, come by, pick up a keg and share it with your friends!

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